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The Institute for Biosecurity is proud to have faculty whose expertise and depth of experience is unmatched by other universities. Our faculty and staff are respected leaders who have real-world work, research, and teaching experiences from which to draw and share.

Their enthusiasm and dedication to working with students helps to foster creativity, expand the boundaries of knowledge, and cultivate independent thinking through individual and collaborative efforts.

Institute for Biosecurity Faculty and Staff
Faculty   Staff
Alan Zelicoff, MD
Institute Director
Curriculum Vitae
E-mail: zelicoff@slu.edu
Terri Rebmann, PhD RN CIC
Infectious Disease Specialist
Curriculum Vitae
E-mail: rebmannt@slu.edu

Larry Bommarito, MM, MBA, MS
Program Manager
E-mail: bommarlg@slu.edu

Gene Carroll, MA
Multimedia Technical Director
E-mail: carrolle@slu.edu

Ted Rubright, MM, MA
Educational Technologist
E-mail: rubright@slu.edu

Todd Luerding
Mutimedia Developer
E-mail: luerding@slu.edu

Robert Thomas, MD MPH TM
Adjunct Faculty

E-mail: thomasrf@slu.edu
William Stanhope, MS PA
Associate Director of Special Projects
Curriculum Vitae
E-mail: stanhowd@slu.edu
Thomas Zink, MD
Director - Project EQUIPP
Curriculum Vitae
E-mail: tkzinkmd@comcast.net
Ruth Carrico, PhD RN CIC
Adjunct Faculty
Curriculum Vitae
E-mail: emalatin@slu.edu
Ron Parker, BA
Adjunct Faculty
E-mail: rparker9@slu.edu
Harlan Dolgin, JD CDCP
Adjunct Faculty
E-mail: hdolgin@slu.edu
Mark Kennedy, MS
Adjunct Faculty
E-mail: mkenne17@slu.edu
James H Hinrichs, MD MPH
Adjunct Faculty
E-mail: jhinric6@slu.edu
Shannon Parker, MBA
Adjunct Faculty
E-mail: parkersw@slu.edu
Louis Tripoli, MD
Adjunct Faculty
E-mail: LCTMD1@earthlink.net

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